Steve Bannon scared the bejesus out of me on “60 Minutes”

Former White House Chief strategist, Steve Bannon, did an interview on a recent episode of “60 Minutes” with Charlie Rose and he said that the President will win the next election by a landslide. Is that possible? Which America is he living in? Well… I’m not going to sit idly by and let that happen? Are you?

Bannon Said, “President Trump…triggers the left. And they can’t handle it rationally. And as long as they can’t handle it rationally they’re not going to defeat him,” Watch the full interview here.

I have a perfectly rational response to this electoral college problem. Move to a swing state!  I know that it’s not rational to believe that 12,000 individuals will move to Michigan, but I do know that 1,200 individuals can make a real difference. Here is you rational thought, Mr. Bannon. Now, Can we execute. Please Share this website and help me as I move forward.



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