swing state ambassador: ashley alber in cleveland, ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

population: 396,815

2016 Presidential election results: (Cuyahoga County) Clinton 65.4%, Trump 30.3%, Johnson 2.1%

Mayor: Frank G. Jackson


Ashley Alber
Venture Capital Investment Associate 

How many years have you lived in Cleveland?


What brought you to Cleveland? 

My boyfriend (now husband) and the fact that I wanted out of NYC! 

*note from Swing State… Want to leave New York? Have that 7-year itch? Move to a Swing State and hit the easy button on life. Check out these articles that share the sentiment… HereHere… and Here… 

What do you do on a typical Saturday?

​I have two stepkids, so we are usually running between activities like basketball, ballet or Chinese lessons in the morning. After that, we will usually find some sort of public festival or event for the kids to check out (flea markets, cultural festivals, music festivals, farmers markets, etc.). When we don’t have the kids, my husband and I love to check out new restaurants and breweries. Cleveland is a great beer/food town. 

If you had to move tomorrow, what would be your last meal in Cleveland?

​ A burger from Johnny’s Little Bar downtown. With fries! ​

What are some exciting things happening in Cleveland in the near future?

There are 25 restaurants and breweries opening this Spring/early Summer alone! Neighborhoods throughout the city are becoming revitalized, and it’s so interesting to see it ​unfold. Old, abandoned buildings are being bought up by the minute and converted into schools, apartment buildings and restaurants! More and more young people across the country are moving to Cleveland – in fact, the majority of my friends actually have no ties to Cleveland! People are moving here because they want to be here. Click here for some examples of future development in Cleveland. 

Do you feel like Cleveland shares in your political beliefs. 

I do feel as if I am in a bubble in the city of Cleveland. When we drive out to more rural neighborhoods (less than 20 minutes away), I can tell political perspective is completely different than my own. ​

What is your favorite weekend getaway?

We love driving to Columbus (2 hour drive) or Cincinnati (4 hour drive) – also great foodie towns and fun to see how different they are from Cleveland. Each city has it’s own unique personality. ​We also love to drive to places in Michigan including Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids

Why should someone move to your city?

​Cleveland is definitely a “show me” city. Every single person that has come to visit me from across the world (I grew up in Hong Kong and lived in NYC for 10 years, so I’ve had a lot of folks visit me from there) has been extremely impressed by how fun this city is. There is so much to do! There are events taking place every single weekend and there is so much energy here around them. People here have so much pride in this town and it’s evident through how much everyone gives back to the community. 
See more from Ashley Alber below…
​Twitter: ​@ashleyalberCLE
​Instagram: @ashleyalberCLE​



If you would like to become a swing state ambassador, please email swingstatemigrationproject@gmail.com or visit this page.  

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