swing state real estate: $179,000 fix up fantasy in Iowa

Can’t believe how little your money goes in NYC or San Francisco or Seattle…? Check out how far your dollar goes in our Swing States… To Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

401 19th Street, NE Cedar Rapids IA, 52402

A 3-bedroom, 3 bath home with major history and curb appeal built in 1938. Asking price is $179,000.

Cedar Rapids is not only a beautiful city in a swing state, it is also a very vulnerable district! Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama (twice) won this district in their respective Presidential races. However, the current representative from this district is a Tea Party Republican. Rod Blum’s website reads like a Donald Trump love letter supporting departure from the Paris agreement, his explanation that the Russia investigations are a fantastical figment of the media’s imagination, and worst of all… his support of AHCA which will cripple the health of Americans.

This guy needs to GO! If it means moving to this gorgeous house in Iowa and fulfilling all of you Fix Up fantasies and Instagramming your way through it, I say its worth it.

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