swing state ambassador: elizabeth jardim in alexandria, va


Alexandria, Virginia

population: 188,107

2016 Presidential election results: (Alexandria City) Clinton 78.6%, Trump 17.8%, Johnson 2.7%

Mayor: Allison Silberberg


Elizabeth Jardim

Environmental Campaigner & Yoga Instructor 

How many years have you lived in Alexandria?

Almost 4. (and 4 before that in DC)

What brought you to Alexandria?

Love. Before I moved to Alexandria I was the DC type that avoided crossing the Potomac at all costs. Then I started dating someone who lived in Northern Virginia and the more time I spent here, the more I realized it’s actually an awesome place to live! When then-boyfriend and I decided to move in together, we looked at apartments in DC and Alexandria and the options in Alexandria just felt better. More space, less rent, more trees, and still on metro for an easy commute. Even better, the neighborhood I live in (Del Ray) is right by the Mount Vernon trail, so I can actually still bike to work, like I used to do when I lived in DC.


photo by Marvin Anani

What do you do on a typical Saturday?

We like to take long walks to Old Town and walk along the Potomac waterfront. We also stop at the bustling farmers market that has great flowers and some great musicians (our favorite is Elena the harpist @rosetheharper). There are actually three farmers markets within walking distance of our house- Del Ray, Old Town, and Four Mile Run. I always grab a spot in a yoga class. Sometimes I’m teaching, sometimes I’m enjoying the class. Right now I love going to Radiance in Old Town.


Hiking, Camping, and doing Yoga at a local state park


If you had to move tomorrow, what would be your last meal in Alexandria?

Every time we head out on a road trip, before we hit the highway we stop at Swings, the local coffee roaster. They make the best lattes in the DC area. Their cheese danishes are pretty great too. It’s not a meal, but it’s the place I would miss the most. My husband and I love it so much, our friend Marvin Anani, took our engagement photos at Swings. We love coffee!


photo by Marvin Anani

Do you feel like your community shares in your political beliefs? Are you in a bubble?

Immediately after the 2016 election, many of my neighbors in Del Ray put up signs that said “Spread Kindness” and “No matter where you are from we are glad you are our Neighbor“. So yes, I would say there is a strong sense of shared progressive values in my neighborhood. You can purchase the signs here

What is your favorite weekend getaway?

Camping and hiking in West Virginia! One spot we really liked is called Dolly Sods. Its about 3 hours drive.

Why should someone move to Alexandria?

Quality of life. Del Ray has all the charm of a little town–very quaint, safe with lots of local businesses. At the same time, it’s close to a major city with lots to do for the times you feel you need to “get out”. Also, spring in Del Ray is so gorgeous. All the trees blossom and flowers pop up all over.


If you would like to become a swing state ambassador, please email swingstatemigrationproject@gmail.com or visit this page.  






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