Become a multi-generational family in a swing state

Please enjoy this perspective from Nancy Bach, our “resident boomer”. 

My husband retired in 2014. We sold our home and traveled around the country and around the world for two years. That was long enough to want to settle down for a while, but the question was…where? We didn’t have any desire to buy a house immediately. We had a summer home in New York, a daughter in Virginia and two sons in Colorado and California.

Our daughter and son-in- law made the decision easy when she became pregnant. We decided to move to Alexandria, Virginia, to be close to her and the family after the baby was born. Our apartment is an 80-second walk from their house, close enough to borrow a cup of sugar and use their washing machine, far enough away for breathing space. For eight months we have provided daily care for our wonderful grandson while both parents work. This has given us the opportunity to see new developmental milestones nearly every day and listen to his coos, crows, and chuckles. The experience has been priceless!

This practice goes back to traditional families with multigenerational cohabitation. Gram and Gramps take care of the baby and lend a hand around the house, Mom and Dad have other adults to interact with without having to “entertain,” and Baby provides endless joy for everyone. As the anonymous quote says: “A grandchild fills a place in your heart you didn’t know was empty.”

Interestingly, this experience also fits with the swing state migration, but with a shorter time basis than a full, long-term move. If you’re retired or want to take a sabbatical, why not move to a swing state to be with your kids? It is a fleeting opportunity that can provide long-term benefits for yourself, your family, and yes, your country.

We moved from New York and could have kept our voter registration there and done absentee ballots. We might even have been able to register in California since we spent several months in that state in 2016 and will return there for a while after our Virginia stay. But we made a point of registering here in Alexandria as soon as we arrived in October, 2016. We voted in the swing state of Virginia in the November election.

Keep in mind, this is NOT voter fraud. It’s possible that at the time of the election the electronic paperwork hadn’t yet caught up with our removal from the New York voting rolls, so we might nominally have been registered in two states. However, we voted in only one state, the state where we were living during the election.

Home is where the heart is. If you have the chance, follow your heart to make your home and cast your vote near your family in a swing state.

Nancy Bach is a former engineer, marketer and manager, who has lived in multiple U.S. states, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. After retiring from the corporate world, she developed a career as a consultant and writer, which allows her to travel extensively and live just about anywhere she wants. Since late 2016, her home has been Alexandria, in the swing state of Virginia.

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