swing state real estate update: under $250,000 in raleigh

The Swing State Migration Project will periodically post real estate listings in swing states of interest. Can’t believe how little $300,000 gets you in NYC or San Francisco or Seattle…? Check out how far your dollar goes in our Swing States… To Raleigh, North Carolina.

7916 Featherstone Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina 27615

image from zillow.com. contact agent Sharon Webb

A 3-bedroom southern, traditional home asking $249,900

Raleigh, NC is the fastest growing city in the US. Fun fact: Raleigh is one of 3 cities making up the area known as the Research Triangle with the number of technology and scholarly institutions around Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham. This home is the perfect size for a young family and has loads of southern charm.


  1. In case you are thinking about a job “down south” or around Cambridge/Waltham, MA, the equivalent could cost upwards of $600K* (plus taxes). Higher, unless you tolerate a soul-destroying commute. Oh, are you looking at 3 Bd homes because you have or are you going to have a family? Right, did you want your kids to attend a good public school? Sure, sure. You know who else does? Everyone. Tack on another $150-200K to your home price. Or, save for private school tuition. #themoreyouknow

    *Snow plowing not included.


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