swing state migration project was born


This is Tallahassee. Tallahassee is where I grew up and it is a liberal enclave in a consistently blue county within a swing state. Now I live in Alexandria, Virginia- same story. It is a liberal bubble in an otherwise red state. These are beautiful cities and they are great places to live- economic, political and education hubs of their area.

After the election, I felt so discouraged- I was downright catatonic. Then I read this great article and a light went on. It’s true- MOVE TO A SWING STATE! Hillary Clinton won nearly 3 million extra votes… just in the wrong places. I already live in a swing state but if I find a way to encourage others to move to a swing state instead of the predictable California or New York where their votes are far less valuable- then we could change the world!

Please follow me on this journey. I want to change the electoral map by persuading voters to move to swing states. There are some incredible cities within swing states that need our help. I want to highlight these great cities, in these great states and show Americans that it is their patriotic duty to move to a swing state. We need to change this electoral map and we need to do it NOW!


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